*NEW* Galeras, Colombia
*NEW* Galeras, Colombia
*NEW* Galeras, Colombia
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*NEW* Galeras, Colombia

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Tolima - Colombia

Key Flavours: Smooth Chocolate, Caramel, Sweet Panela

Location: Tolima, Colombia

Variety: Caturra, Colombia F8, Castillo

Altitude: 1600-2200 masl

Process: Natural 

Roast Level: 4/5

Best Enjoyed As: Espresso, Cortado, Flat White, Americano

Cupping Score: 85


Tolima is one of the most isolated coffee producing regions in Colombia. It is located in the central Colombian Andes. Tolima has very limited access, mainly consisting of a dirt road which is a 12 hour road trip from Ibague (the province capital). 

The area where this coffee is grown falls in the middle of the conflict zone, which for many years was controlled by the FARC. Tolima is a much forgotten region left to the discretion of the people to basically fend for themselves with the locals having to comply with the rules or laws set by the FARC. 

At altitudes of 1600-2200 masl is where the real high quality speciality coffees are grown. The ground in enriched with volcanic soils as well as several fresh mountain streams. Galeras is the most active volcano in Colombia. Given the coffee is grown in volcanic soils we thought it would be a fitting name! 


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The term 'speciality coffee' is used for coffee beans graded 80 points and above out of 100. The coffee is graded by tasters at the Speciality Coffee Association. Speciality coffee is usually grown in the best soil, at high altitude, carefully cared for by the farmers and finally picked at the perfect time. This helps to create some of the most delicious and irresistible coffee in the world.

We ensure that all our coffee comes from sustainable farms and where workers are fairly paid. For many of the coffees that we buy from all corners of the world, we will be paying above Fairtrade prices (often 30% - 130% more). This ensures farmers don't just live, but they have a life.

No! Our coffees do not have any added flavours. When we describe the flavours of the coffee we are talking about the natural flavours inside the coffee beans. The flavours are determined by the type of coffee bean, how its grown, processed and roasted.

If you're fortunate enough to have a coffee grinder, then we strongly recommend you select our whole bean coffee bags. This is because whole beans maintain more freshness and enhanced flavour for longer than ground coffee. Once coffee beans are ground they lose their freshness and flavour a lot quicker.

All orders are sent out on Tuesdays. Orders must be placed by 2pm on Mondays. Your coffee should arrive within 2-4 working days. We use Royal Mail 1st Class services.

The roast level refers to how light or dark the coffee is. 0/5 is very light and 5/5 would be rather dark. Usually darker roasted coffee are best enjoyed as an espresso. Whereas, lighter coffees and generally best enjoyed as a filter coffee.

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All our coffee is roasted and packed by hand.

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